Our mission

• To fairly balance the playing field  between Creditor & debtor.

• Restore dignity to those who are experiencing financial duress [you    are NOT a 2nd rate citizen!]

• Reduce the financial and emotional burden of debt and enable you    to concentrate on running successfully your affairs

Company overview

State Administration Services (SAS) is a division of Queensland Administration Services, one of the most highly respected firms in the insolvency industry, being in business since 1989.

Importantly, SAS is Australia’s leading and one of only a handful of firms that actually work for and advocate for YOU, the debtor, rather than those who are owed money.

At SAS, we offer understanding, empathy, experience and a dogged determination to always get the best results for our clients. SAS has access to a large number of national and international experts who include: Registered Trustees, Liquidators, Business Advisors, Financiers, Solicitors and Accountants that specialise in all manner of business activities.


We take a hands on approach with our clients to ensure we know as best we can what they are desirous of wanting to achieve

We understand that right approach is necessary for the right outcome. By understanding what our clients are going through helps us maximize the potential of success for you. Our expert advice in a way that applies to your way of doing business. This allows us to create rich relationships with our clients.