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Who we are

Queensland Administration Services is a firm dedicated to leveling out the playing field between Debtors and Creditors. We believe everyone has a right to dignity and not be treated as a 2nd rate citizen or commercial leper because they may be experiencing financial duress. 

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Queensland Administration Services specialize  in Personal and corporate Bankruptcy and taking away the pressures of creditors and arranging a Part X agreement and a Part IX agreements. We also specialize in Asset protection , Trusts and Wills.


Alan L.

“It seemed I was being attacked by all sides. I was told "go bankrupt or we will do it for you". I wanted to repay my debts, but no one would listen. I didn't intend to get into this position, but it happened. I was good at my trade but no genius at business. Enter Q.A.S. They were understanding, friendly and professional...”

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Steven & Wendy H.

“We were ripped off by con men and unable to pay our real creditors the money we owed. We were made to feel like total failures and outcasts. Our health and emotional state was very low. We were referred to Q.A.S and we never looked back.”

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Theo V.

“The letter of Q.A.S sent was describing "me"..."afraid to answer the phone, open mail or open the door". I felt second rate and alone. My marriage was on the rocks due to the pressures our creditors were placing on us....”

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