The landlord was threatening eviction and other creditors didn’t care about our predicament or how it occured. They wanted it all now or else. We in turn became reclusive and tried to pretend it was just a bad dream that would go away… Of course it didn’t! We were not bad people but were made to feel that way. Q.A.S (SAS) helped to restore our faith in humanity. They called a meeting of all our creditors including the Australian Taxation Office. Within a few hours they had us in an arrangement so good and fair that we hardly could believe that it was possible. They showed our creditors the benefits of us being allowed to survive. They showed us some people really do care. We cannot state highly enough, what a change for the better our association with Q.A.S (SAS) has meant to us! Their staff and management treated us with respect and understanding. They were available and approachable when we needed them.

Ray & Milagros E.
Builder and Restaurateur

We were run down both emotionally and physically. We knew our business had potential, but due to earlier errors in judgement and some of our debtors not paying us, we stood to loose everything we had worked so long and hard for. Then came the case officers form Q.A.S. (SAS) they were so understanding! They took time to investigate our position and then practiced what they preached. Within days they had lightened our burden and within a few short weeks had placed us under the protection of an administration that enabled us not only to retain our assets but not to be fearful of acquiring assets in the future. Now our creditors will benefit, as we have, by eventually being compensated. This certainly would not have been the case without the “hands on” assistance of Q.A.S. (SAS)

Ron & Sylvia C

It seemed I was being attacked by all sides. I was told “go bankrupt or we will do it for you”. I wanted to repay my debts, but no one would listen. I didn’t intend to get into this position, but it happened. I was good at my trade but no genius at business. Enter Q.A.S. (SAS) They were understanding, friendly and proffesional. They removed the pressure so I could do what I do best (manufacture) and they provided me with accountants who explained things so I could understand. They showed me not only where I had slipped up, but which direction to go, so it wont happen again.

Alan L.

The letter of Q.A.S (SAS) sent was describing “me”…”afraid to answer the phone, open mail or open the door”. I felt second rate and alone. My marriage was on the rocks due to the pressures our creditors were placing on us. Q.A.S (SAS) recommended I enter into a Part X arrangement and negotiate with my creditors, many of whom were very hostile. In so doing they reduced my debts by several thousands and arranged that the relatively small amount I had to repay would be spread over a very manageable period. Now I am on the way to re-establish myself and I can hold my head high. I can’t describe the relief, its just fantastic.

Theo V.

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